Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So I finally found a calendar application that runs on my system--KOrganizer. When running OS X I discovered how useful iCal was. When using it I was actually able to avoid scheduling multiple things at the same time as well as plan more than a week in the future. I hope that korganizer will allow me to return to that place.

Actually many years ago I started trying to use software to track how I was spending my money, which was really useful when I didn't have any. The couple of bounced check fees encouraged me to keep better track.

I think at this point since there are so many things to occupy my time with similarly tracking my time is really useful. (And because I have a computer addiction, I couldn't actually use paper.)

Also KOrganizer has a really neat feature called the Marcus Bains Line. Every software calendar program should have that feature. (it's a thin little line showing the current time on your schedule).

Now if I can just get my alarm clock to read my schedule and automatically set the alarm based on when I need to get up...

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