Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Fat Land, brief review

Today I stopped by borders to read a copy of Fat Land (since the copies at the local libraries have been checked out for some time).

I have a new exercise mantra--must not get type 2 diabetes. It's a pretty unpleasant way to shorten ones life expectency. (And since my mother has it, I'm both at a higher risk, and have some passing familiarity with some of the consequences).

The basic message of Fat Land, being able to stay thin in the face of american culture and food industry comes from being in a priviledged class. People making more than $50,000/year were far more frequently advised to loose weight than those earning less.

Though the writer did spend time lambasting peoples personal failings in setting up our culture of obesity. For instance television watching is positivily correlated with weight gain. The frequent complaint of not having enough time to exercise falls flat at the average 4 hours per day spent watching TV.

As for the idea of exercise, I wonder why using weird little electronic gadets to track my performance makes the whole experience less trying. Some how being able to measure that it's having an effect makes me more willing to exercise.

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