Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

No car for me

So in protest for Bush's illegal war (and because I didn't have enough time to get a smog check), I told the DMV that I wouldn't be operating my car.

If I needed a car I was planning on using flexcar's Pasadena cars, or perhaps just renting a car if needed.

Alas flexcar shipped their Pasadena cars to their DC location as they needed more cars there and Pasadena was the least used of their LA fleet. However they did say that this was temporary and they hoped to have some new vehicles by the opening of the gold line (electrified rail).

However I did discover that after jumping through a few hoops it is possible to borrow an electric vehicle from caltech's electric vehicle club. (Hoops I hope to start working on next week.)

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