Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Being a computer geek just keeps on giving

So I was looking at Get Ready for PATRIOT II (an analysis of it from the EFF is over here). Then I continued to mull over How war distracts from outlandish Bush policies (Which describes the tax-cuts Bush is currently trying to push through, including cutting returning veterans benefits).

I'm beginning to suspect that Bush's plan for America is to bankrupt the federal government to thwart any attempt to regulate industry. Also weakening the public education system (which depends on federal monies) he can also seriously undermine any possible upward mobility, since only people with money can then afford to pay to send their kids to decent schools so they can get a jobs that pay anything.

I spoke with a friend yesterday who has some other friends who are much closer to the mainstream than anyone I know. All three these friends-of-a-friend are deeply religious, and a couple are cops.

The cops apparently think that the anti-war protesters are wrong, saying things like "Don't these people have jobs?" and (when they feel like going down and teasing the protesters in jail) "Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person?". Apparently they've also said that they want to "get some stick time in" on the protesters.

So, I decided to do some searches to see how hard it is to get work permits in Europe. According to the site workpermit.com New Zealand (not part of Europe, but still a good place to live) has an immigration assessment for individuals, it is free for employers, people who already have jobs in New Zeland, and IT professionals, for everyone else there's a 50 GBP application fee.

Checking to see of one qualifies for a german green card there's the same special treatment for skilled IT personnel.

I don't know if it's just because its a website and so therefor are more likely to be targeting computer people or if there really is special treatment for IT people.

I do know that when I was visiting soulsong she mentioned how quickly she could get a new job in the UK, while no one has bothered to call her back from California.

So I wonder what languages I should be studying. For instance, not only does Germany have good environmental laws, they also recently legalized same gender marriage.

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