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Christianity today

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Mar. 31st, 2003 | 08:17 pm

So recently I was complaining a bit about christianity, I found one of the other articles which was feeding my frustration with that faith.

When U.S. Foreign Policy Meets Biblical Prophecy

While looking for that I also found Bush's Armageddon Obsession.

Basic summary, Bush is trying to trigger Armageddon which needs Israel protected at any cost. Also the prophecy needs the temple to be rebuilt which would probably be easier if Palestinians were kicked out.

Some more background to the myth can be found in Fundamentally Unsound

It's these stories that are making me think the world would be a far better place with religion eradicated from it.

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Bram Boroson, Master of Subtle Ways and Straight

(no subject)

from: bram
date: Mar. 31st, 2003 08:44 pm (UTC)

I will read those.

I read an EXCELLENT book that was specifically on Jerusalem, particularly the Temple Mount. It was called End of Days.

click here for the Amazon review

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"Run to the lord, lord won't you hide me? All on that day..."

from: moonglade
date: Apr. 1st, 2003 01:01 am (UTC)

Firstly apologies for not being more in touch lately. I've been very caught up in preparing for a visual arts fair and since then I've been a little poorly. Hope I didn't catch your illness in one of those text messages! ;)

Anyway... I think organised religeon is the root of the problem.

I always found this kind of stuff the most interesting part of the bible, that and the Apocrapha. Neat stuff.

Of course one of the popular theories about St John is that he ate too much mouldy bread. Having said that, I've eaten a fair bit of mouldy bread in my time with little effect so he must have been very hungry and ate an awful lot of it or had bread that was more mould than bread! (Yuk!) Probably he fasted before he ate the mouldy bread or something!

Now the thing that facinates me about the whole George Bush and revelations thing is that Saddam Hussien is not exactly a huge threat on a world scale, which makes him an unlikely candidate for the antichrist (doesn't the antichrist come out of europe in those silly modern interpretations anyway?). The thing is that revelations speaks of the false prophet and the antichrist, so if we are facing armageddon, then who are they? And if you don't know then is it wise to start messing with things on that basis. Mr Bush never struck me as very bright and maybe he fancies the second coming so he is up for stirring up the hornets nest at any cost. I can't understand why people put so much faith in a very out of date interpretation of revelations, why not go back to the original texts!

So if it was the end times as prophesised in Revelations, you would need to find a couple of people. The false prophet and the anti christ who together lead the world into war and destruction.

Me I'm not worried till Edgar Cayece prophesies come true and they open the Atlantean libraries under the sphinx etc. ;)

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