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I should've listened...

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Mar. 12th, 2003 | 10:51 am

I overnighted my documentation to the passport on monday march 03 and was told to call back yesterday if I hadn't received anything.

So I called. Not only did they not send me a passport, they actually didn't even acknowledge receiving it! Thankfully, since I decided to overnight it I got a tracking number. (Whew! that was lucky).

So I called the passport info service and they claimed that they'd expidite it and that it should be done in 3 days. With some work I managed to get out of them that there should be some information reflected in their computers if they started working on my paperwork late tomorrow.

I suspect I should've listend to the advice from friends instead of the passport information service, sat on the documents for a couple of days and then gone in.

Well I'll probably still get to go in.

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