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Mar. 4th, 2003 | 12:33 am

So thanks to bandhiaduit I was able to produce two notarized affidavits of people by friends who've known me for some time. (One friend has known me for 12 years... which includes well beyond my transition)

(And even free, as a service provided to the Caltech community)

I wasn't sure if I should follow ame_chan's advice and try and figure out how to get an appointment with all my current documentation and all my previously submitted documentation together. So I called the passport information service, paid the $5.50 fee and described my situation.

They suggested that as long as I get the paperwork in via the mail soon I should get the passport by my travel date. I even believed her after she checked their computers and the only listed problem was me not using a court order to change my name.

So another $13.50 and an express mail envelope later my paperwork should show up in downtown LA tomorrow morning. Admittedly regular mail would've probably worked as well, but the express mail is at least guaranteed. (and it even comes with a tracking number)

The passport information person also provided an exit strategy that if I don't have my passport by next tuesday I can call and they can either do a further expedite over the phone or I can go in to LA. (The unfortunate thing is to talk to a representative seems to costs 5.50 each time)

Now I can get back to wondering how I might want to connect to the net while in england. mmm MIThril

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