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I miss debian

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Feb. 17th, 2003 | 03:00 am

So close to getting debian working on my titanium powerbook.

sleep mostly worked, there was just some noise on the display after waking up. I've seen references claiming that it's supposed to have worked for some people. However, switching OS's currently involves taking my powerbook apart and swapping the hard disk.

OS X is pretty and all, but the X server is irritating, my X session semi-frequently after waking up, this kills my emacs session and any open files.

Also I'm getting better at building debian packages, OS X has several different packaging formats which is really obnoxious.

Also one of my coworkers is playing with a funky window manager ion "a tiling tabbed window manager designed with keyboard users in mind."

Earlier tonight I copied some pictures to a friends laptop, they were frightened by my casual use of "rsync -Lv --progress * /volumes/". Admittidely I needed to lookup the difference between -l and -L, but it doesn't seem that hard (to me).

They thought that selecting your files and pressing control-C was easier. But I thought about all the irritating browsing through windows to find the source files and the output directory. Paging through screen after screen of GUI is so slow and clunky. For most tasks using a GUI feels like playing a piano with 8 of your fingers broken. (Though GUIs are quite nice when the end product is actually graphics).

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