Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Emotional day

So today had a good chunk of emotional intensity.

I started with going to the protest, which was pretty mild. Though I did have fun trying to compose a few of the photos I took.

Then I went to the Pasadena vagina monologues. I enjoyed the show, though it was freaky knowing so many of the people involved in putting on the production. (You all did a great job).

I was also impressed at the end when they were envisioning a world without violence that it included two women in a relationship being able to walk safely down the street as well as safety for transgendered people. (I felt doubly included).

Then after the show I went and visited with several of the people who put on the show as I hadn't seen them in quite some time. (It's also impressive just how many of these people are on LJ).

Finally I went to apache, (for some reason it's pronounced ay posh). It's a Caltech party thrown by one of the houses, there's quite a bit of alcohol, scantily clad people, and as the night wears on, lots of people making out.

Sadly I still find being in a room with many people making out emotionally disturbing. Though as a result of my most recent rounds of therapy I only feel disturbed as opposed to severely depressed.

(I suppose this means one can develop coping mechanisms for ones scars but as much as one tries those scaring experiences are still part of oneself.)

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