Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


So I was chatting with some friends tonight and the topic of California seceding from the united states came up.

We thought it tempting as a way of not supporting an unnecessary war in Iraq, a "war on drugs" designed to strip people of their rights, mandatory anti-terrorism programs that aren't being funded, escaping from federal regulators who are tools of the energy industry (and busy protecting billions in illegal power profits), repeated attempts to block California's attempts to mandate increasingly clean transportation technologies.

So I suggested that we put together a ballot initiative proposing "should California succeed"? That's been modified to be a ballot initiative setting up the procedures for defining a constitution that fall within some predefined statement of purpose.

(Perhaps it would be better to write the constitution ahead of time and just propose it, with options for modifications by the 2004 election).

It would be nice to actually live in a modern social democracy instead of a state rapidly sliding toward fascism.

As an aside some of features of fascism as I currently understand it seem to include a glorification of violence, a desire to be decisive and not compromise (aka "will to power"), a desire by the state to control most aspect of peoples lives, and a strong link to control over production through a few trusted corporations.

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