Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

attractive and available women.

So I went to the lesbian chat group tonight and the facilitator asked during the introduction period if we had any topics. I said I had plenty but they weren't lesbian related. When asked what one was, I tossed out "Subvert global capitalism".

Not only did I then discovere that one of the women in the room was interested, she went to the 20,000 person anti-war protest and is housing activist.

I even managed to speak with her briefly before my shyness sent me off to the corner. (It didn't help that she was also really pretty which is unfortunatly intimidiating.)

Also the woman I carpooled with to chat, is cute, available (though because she's shy and doesn't have much time for dating). Thinks George Bush is evil, understands that driving less and eating less meat are good things. She took a philosophy class and read Marx and realized that she actually prefered his ideas to capitalism.

And to top it all off she's lives about 4 blocks away and is taller than me.

How can I not be interested? (okay she does actually own an SUV, but I think it's a cast off from her parents. And she's willing to try switching to the light rail which scores counteracting points, and she does try to set up carpools.)

My doubtful side briefly wondered if she was actually trying to be someone I'd be interested in.

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