Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

bounce, bounce

Looking at my behaviors for the past week, it occures to me that I seem to oscillate between stark utilitarian minimalism and gee-wiz computer geekdom.

On one hand I want as little stuff as possible constructed of the most environtally friendly materials and in opposition I also enjoy dragging code into the real world.

I like toys like having my computer control my music and being able to detect and respond to the world around it.

Now that my experiments with streaming audio failed, I'm thinking of getting a home stereo again (instead of just using high end computer speakers) so I can have high quality music in my living room, and quiet music in my bedroom. And perhaps I should stick acoustic foam in my windows to help muffle the evil cars. (and perhaps some white LEDs and some houseplants as well).

But all of those things go against the impulse to own as little as possible.

*sigh* it always comes down to tryind to find the right balance between all of ones contradictory values.

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