Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

how nauseating

So, I gave in to my obsessiveness and managed to get simple multicast RTP streaming working on my network.

My poor little brain is quite confused. The sounds coming from the two computers are really close to being synchrnoized. But they're different enough to sound like an echo. Except the sound is coming from the same place, but it sounds like an echo, but millions of years of evolution says that can't happen.

Maybe it'd be less confusing in the two sets of speakers were further apart.

Nope... hmm... yeah, if I modify the protocol to include a time synchronization information...

*slap, slap*

right, the simple answer. speaker cable and an amp that can drive audio in more than one room. Analog wires fast, computer protocol stacks slow.

but, but... then I feel less involved, and how can I get the audio to flow into whatever room I happen to be in?

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