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no wonder I never get anything done

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Dec. 25th, 2002 | 02:07 am

So one of my goals for today was to try and get produce some software that would allow me to control my mp3 server through jabber instead of SSHing into my server and using a command line client to control things. (mostly this saves the neeed to ssh and I could get a nifty display showing what's currently playing in my IM window).

Did I hook the package I'd currently been using, mserv, up to jabber? No I went and found another package np3 that uses the far more efficient xmms libraries instead of just calling mpg123. (np3 seemed to use about 8% of cpu while mserv+mpg123 used about ~20%).

But no, I decided I wanted to have whole apartment music playing in my bedroom so I could listen to music and/or relaxing sounds without having to disturb neihbors by turning the amp up in my living room.

I glanced at the whole house audio systems as provided by smarthome and decided they were too expensive. Also I have this strange desire to connect as many things as possible to my computer.

So then I set up icecast and tried connecting two computers to the stream. Of course they were a second or two out of sync, making the idea of playing the same source in both rooms rather irritating. (Though in the process I discovered that the current icecast feeder program had a nice interface for fiddling with ones playlists. It runs an embedded script in coded in either python or perl.)

I then tried to figure out how to stream mp3s via RTP, which, being multicast based, might be less likely to be as far out of sync. I tried a couple of different packages and didn't manage to get RTP working.

But then I had to ask myself why didn't I just make the first app I found work? I don't even have anything that could play music in my bedroom right now. I ended following my tangents off to the most complex solution that I can't even use.

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