Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

obsessive compulsiveness strikes again


Several hours ago, far before when I should've gone to bed I started trying to get my jabber server to provide a gateway to ICQ. I struggled, fought, and faced repeated failures. But then after I noticed the gateway segfaulted, I eventually was able to build the gateway on my system.

After rebuilding with the latest libraries it appears to work.

Now if I can get the yahoo messanger transport to work I can replace my current multiplatform IM utility with jabber. (which then gets me an encrypted connections from my laptop to my jabber server, so at least people can't sniff what I'm chatting about when using a wireless network and/or public network.)

of course, I really should go to bed now...

Oh yes, I also wasted time looking at smarthome.com's web site and learned about some of the things that cause X10 signal unreliability. It appears that the problems that I found irritating about X10 can be fixed.

Did I say something about sleep?

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