Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

loneliness (cont)

I suspect I've been semi-aware of the theory about why I have trouble maintaining friendships (see previous message) for some time.

I think it's why I think intentional communities and increasing public space are both good ideas. In both cases they provide places where you have an increased chance of interacting with people.

Intentional communities are better at it as the community design usually includes cultural conventions that encourage people to interact with each other. However with just public space, I suspect there's still a chance that you'd have an authentic interaction as opposed to, "Hi, can I help you find anything in our store" commercial interactions (perhaps that's why some people like shopping, they actually get to talk to real humans).

My time spent with Arden around the Wellesley campus made me all the more envious of those who managed to live on campus while going to school. As I consider dorms as one of the most common types of intentional communities in the US.

Though since I do want some chance of dating I have had this unexpressed preference for intentional communities that have a strong queer womens presense (like wellesley did).

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