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Dec. 7th, 2002 | 03:19 pm

So I went to Boston this past week.

It appears the thing that will stick in my head the most was, "So many queer wommen". So many more than in my daily life here in LA. Okay, so perhaps spending time at a women's college with someone who plays women's rugby might somehow influence the chances of meeting queer women. However that is still a rather convienent way of meeting women. And it could be done without a car (though the person I was staying with drove regularly, if I lived there I could pretty easily survive without one).

That last part is one of the things that is so different from LA. Finding queer women that I can relate to here involves travelling half way accross LA county.
Other than that I did enjoy spending time with Arden, walked through MIT, got a chance to meet artemii (who showed me what gardens in the dead of wienter look like, and had a remarkable knowledge of the natural world around her).

Though I did learn that when it's cold, having strong winds blowing accross the snow is pretty miserable. (Though I do believe soluble by better technology--like scarves to protect ones exposed cheeks)

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