Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

t's a war between the people and the corporations

According to this article. MP3.com has been eaten by a major label owning corporation--and already bands that were doing well through their services are beginning to be cut off.

It's a struggle for our cultural freedom. The culture we Americans live in, and export to the rest of the world, is not a culture of the people's devising. It is a culture created in boardrooms designed to place as much power and control as possible in the hands of the plutocrats.

"As extensively documented by historian William Leach, the U.S. retailing giants of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries decided that to increase their profits they must create a greater demand for their merchandise and set about to replace the popular culture of frugality that had prevailed since America's founding with a culture of self-indulgence" -[Korten, The Post Corporate World, pg 32]

I believed in MP3.com I thought it was a cool way for me to find new and interesting music that fits my tastes, as opposed to the tastes of a homogenized focus group. To discover that they've been co-opted by one of the 5 companies that control our music pisses me off.

It is just another one of their little victories in their long chain of victories to control what we see, what we hear, what we think, even, what we feel.

We must resist them.

We must resist from the corners of our brains, to the public spaces that they've destroyed to provide more space for their marketing, to the bland goo that they pass off for a culture.

We must wake up, and stare at the world we are in and realize how our world is being shaped for someone else's interest. We must help those around us, who are still trapped in the slumber of consumerism to wake and realize there is far more to life than the continual quest for more acquisitions. I'm not sure how best to raise this issue with those around me, but there must be solutions.

For instance, the top selling drugs are for indigestion, high blood pressure, hypertension, depression, and pain killers. [World Watch Institute, Vital Signs 2001]. I look at that list and see quick fixes for excessive levels of stress. Is there some hope of using this information to point out that though change is frightening, it's better than being killed off for to make a greedy investor happy.

Any comments on other possible solution?

I've got a few ideas more but need to take a break from writing.

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