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The president is insane

I don't really know what to say. President Bush & VP Chaney, are lunatics. (Or I am, or perhaps we all are)

Energy prices must go up, there's a finite amount of the stuff in the ground, there's arguments about when we'll run out and when it'll cost more to extract than its worth. I expect that my natural lifespan is more than enough to see it happen.

They want to cut environmental regulations of power plants yet everywhere except california there's enough plants and they all meet their states environmental laws. California was hurt because of greedy power companies spinning off their less profitable portions to other power companies who figured out how to make exploitive profits. A crisis, but to a large degree a politically generated crisis.

Far more troubling is the fact that reserves for the winter supply of natural gas will probably end up being below previously recorded levels. EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook. Building more natural gas power plants will further stress our production capacities for this natural resource.

However our production capabilities seem to be flattening, even given a a boom in drilling N. Amer gas production flat, despite drilling boom-El Paso CEO

The big problem is that as production goes flat and then starts to decline, either prices go up or we have rationing. Or perhaps both. Increasing our consumption (by building more power plants) will further speed up the decline in available natural gas.

Here's to hoping that global warming will keep the winters of the rest of the country mild. Problem is global warming actually translate to increasingly crazy weather patterns.

Why is it that people put money over things like usable air and water? It seems somehow suicidal.

Is it all doom and gloom? I've gotta catch myself and stop obsessing on the darkness. Yet it is a real problem and I'm horribly ineffective at telling people what they don't want to hear.

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