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Jun. 15th, 2001 | 11:54 pm

Well in my efforts to lower my power usage I managed to rationalize a new piece of hardware. It's a single board PC based around the transmeta(tm) crusoe(tm) cpu. The motherboard was supposed to use 0.5 to 2.2 watts, though when I toss in a generic ATX power supply, hard disk and cd-rom it's 35-40 watts. Still much better than the 130 watts for my Athlon system, but not the factor of 10 reduction that I was hoping for.

Hopefully when I build a kernel that's got ACPI enabled correctly things will run a bit more efficiently.

Also since the board is about the size of a cdrom drive it doesn't fit in regular cases.

Projects always have little extra gotcha's before things actually work correctly, in this case it's trying to find a decent case.

The next phases of the this project are:
Set up a DC power supply, battery, and charger to get ready to solar power my PC.
Attach solar panels to power some reasonable fraction of it.
Add wireless ethernet to the new system (and my laptop)

Though since I rent the solar panel part might be challenging.

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