Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Switching back.

So I've been using Mac OS X for a month or so, and have learned enough to find things that offend my geek sensibilities. For instance the system (apparently) doesn't call its shutdown scripts for daemons, which seems to be a bad idea for things like database servers.

Also fink (a project to package unix tools for OS X) made some design choices that frustrate me. All of its packages live in /sw instead of more traditional unix locations, which means the copies of python, apache, gcc that apple produced also live on the disk and munch disk space and provide opportunities for confunsion. (For instance where should python add-ins be installed, in the OS X python tree or the fink tree?)

Also I miss focus follows mouse, and my keyboard shortcuts to raise or lower windows.

So I've started building debian CDs for powerpc. One shocking thing is it takes 7 CDs to distribute all of the binary packages.

I know that I'll lose some functionality, the modem probably wont work, and it's questionable if I'll have accelerated video, or if I'll be able to easily use an external monitor.

However I should be able to use both internal and external wireless cards, I'll have multiple desktops again, and instead of wasting time downloading source packages and needing to build them "apt-get install " will once again have 8,000+ packages to choose from.

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