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90 percent chance of rolling blackouts

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May. 31st, 2001 | 11:59 am

As I'm sitting at home avoiding infecting my coworkers, it felt hot, so I turned the A/C on.

And then I thought "uh oh", this may be occuring to other people so I checked energycrisis.lbl.gov.

The demand curve looks like it's going to hit the available generating capacity around 2:00 and continue to about 5.

The site's rather interesting it shows the currently available energy production, current load, predicted load, and predicted load + a reserve.

The 90% number I made up, however I can see a point where the generating capacity intersects the reserve line, So I'm betting that we're going to get rolling blackouts today.

If you really want to know what stage energy alert we're in check www.caiso.com/SystemStatus.html. That's the official power management site.

[Update: Okay so I was wrong, no stage 3 alerts)

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