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Mmm... spam

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Jan. 28th, 2002 | 02:01 pm

So I was wandering the net (instead of working) and found this package: <a href="http://software.libertine.org/tmda/index.html>tmda</a>. It's an advanced spam filter, using a combination of a whitelist, blacklist, and a verification system. Addresses you always want to see are on the whitelist, never want to see are on the black list, and anyone else sending you email gets an response saying "please reply to this email if you want your message to be delivered." The system should be quite effective. however the reason for writing it was at the end of the TMDA faq: "Q: Can't spammers just setup an auto-responder to defeat TMDA?" "A: ...should these facts change, TMDA could modify its challenge response to make it more difficult for a computer to auto-reply to. The level of difficulty could increase as much as is necessary for the sender to prove their humanity and legitimacy. Until someone teaches a computer program to read and understand the English language, I think we will have pleanty of options here." From that I thought..."To send me email answer these questions three." There's something amusing about being able to set up "challenges" before someone can bother you.

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