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Oh the irony...

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Oct. 25th, 2001 | 12:30 am
mood: amusedamused

So I finally got to go have dinner with this woman I met through work... When I asked if she'd like to have dinner she did look rather pleased with herself. So I was having trouble deciding if it was because she was looking for platonic friendship or romantic friendship, and today I found something resembling an answer.

So it turned out she was frustrated today, because previous male SO's had been being annoying and insensitive and rarely made her feel appreciated. Because of her current frustrations she confided in me that it was unfortunate that she didn't find women attractive. (After asking about my orientation.)

However after listening to her tell stories of how guys can't be friends with her without wanting to date her, I'm having the hardest time not doing exactly that.

It's no fair being convinced of the need to not think of something. It takes awe-inspiring levels of mental discipline to be able to not think of something after being told not think about it.

Of course there's still the possibilities of her being bi because of the odd ways people come to those conclusions. However I suspect my life will be much simpler if I concentrate my mental processes on being platonic friends.

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