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Sep. 15th, 2003 | 11:25 pm

Verisign, has decided to try and catch up with SCO in the who is the more evil capitalist contest. (And yes, this means they've both managed to spike past microsoft).

Some time ago verisign bought the non-profit set up by the US government to administer the .com and .net domains. Today a webpage of their choosing is coming up instead of an error message for a mistyped domain name.

Slashdot article mentioning this.

I believe that common resources should be administered by the people who belong to that common. We've recently had a spate of abuses by for-profit corporations when they get the opportunity to manage a common resource. (See for instance the california electricity deregulation.)

I'm not sure if it will help avoid Verisign, but I think I'm going to go point all my DNS servers to OpenNIC now.

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