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Aug. 9th, 2003 | 01:15 am

So I met up with the woman, "R", and we discovered that the club she thought we were going to was actually on a different night. The club that was meeting there wasn't much fun. We wandered around a bit and chatted.

She did pick up on my nervousness, and I tried to mostly put it down to being a bit weirded out by being in a dress.

Though really its more that I feel nervous around people who are acting like I'm attractive. I really should get over that.

Also I drove there as I was running late, I then got stuck in traffic, and spent a lot of time looking for parking. It would've taken me nearly the same length of time if I'd taken the metro.

Then I discovered that I'd misread the parking prices and ended paying $7 for parking.

Teach me to drive.

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