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Grumpy Atheist

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Mar. 29th, 2003 | 10:03 pm

So while I was off buying something there was this guy outside the store soliciting for money to "help the homeless".

Since I think the homeless problem does need help I wandered over to contemplate giving money. But since I'm also a distrustful sort I asked what organization he was representing. It turned out to be some christian church group, so I walked off without giving.

After finishing with the store, I realized that perhaps I was being bigoted, so I decided to give him a second chance. I asked how they'd handle a homeless muslim or wiccan. He first started to say that they wouldn't help a muslim, and then changed his mind and said they'd help anyone who was willing to follow their rules. However those rules included mandatory church services and bible study.

Considering that was his reaction for a muslim I can only imagine he had no idea what wicca is.

Needless to say I didn't feel like giving money to a bunch of missionaries.

Though I left feeling frustrated with America, since this is the vision of our christian capitalist pig "president". The vision that all social services be provided through faith-based (most likely christian) organizations instead of through the state.

That way he and his friends secure with the rationalizations of carnegie's gospel of wealth can continue to hoard their money without having to pay it as takes to the state for taking care of the poor. And as a christian fanatic he can be also sure that he's making life harder for any non-christian.

As for the missionary at the store I was tempted to go back and debate him on his religion but resisted.

One of my favorite arguments for black missionaries when I want to point out how religion is created by humans is to point out how while in the hands of whites christianity justified slavery, but when there were black ministers they used christianity to liberate their people. Same religion, same holy text, completely different interpretations.

The other fun thing for missionaries is to ask about the third set of ten commandments. There are the two closely related ones I learned about in my parents christian fundamentalist cult. However there's a third, where most of the commandments have been replaced with other rather off the wall things. "Though shalt not commit adultery" was replaced with "Though shalt not seethe a kid in it's mothers milk." (Ex 34:26) At least the Jews are internally consistent and follow it.

As for christians I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer why the more famous set of commandments is better than this forgotten 3rd.

(An even longer challenge is over here

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